Rowdy Lake Camp

walleye fishingThe Rowdy Lake Camp fly-in is part of Crow Rock’s family operation. This small American Plan camp has been in the family for 26 years and our base lodge for 57 years. We operate all of our destinations with integrity, quality, and a first class experience to our customers.

A Unique Fly-in Fishing Vacation

Imagine flying into a pristine lake in the Woodland Caribou Park just 55 air miles North of Kenora, Ontario. As your circling the lake before touchdown you take in a glimpse of the beauty of Rowdy Lake with its winding shoreline and dotted islands. We are the only camp on this beautiful 12 mile long lake. Rowdy Lake Camp is truly a top fly-in destination in Northwestern Ontario with magnificent scenery and  breathtaking waterfalls.

As your plane approaches the dock your staff awaits to greet you. Your boats are equipped and ready to go for the afternoon of fishing. We have a great fishery offering walleye, northern pike, lake trout and smallmouth bass. 100 fish days per boat are common.

As you walk up from the dock you will be escorted to your log cabin amidst a lovely span of green lawn. The camp site is sprawled across the lawn consisting of two guest’s cabins, kitchen/dining cabin, fish house and staff cabin. If you have a group of 8-10 guests in your party the entire camp and 8 lakes are exclusively yours.

Our two camp hosts are at your disposal to make your trip enjoyable. The camp manager will plan your day, prepare your boats daily and guide you if needed. The cook will prepare delicious home cooked meals and provide daily maid service.

In addition to fishing the waters of Rowdy Lake we also have 8 other walk-in lakes for more fishing and exploring. There are very few small American Plan camps where you can rough it in comfort and have the entire camp to your group and 8 different lakes to fish.

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