Fishing at Rowdy Lake Camp

Dave Koch 41in PikeThe camp is located on Rowdy Lake which is part of the Sturgeon River system. On the north end of the lake, majestic Sydney Falls flows in creating magnificent scenery and spectacular fishing. You don’t know if your next cast will be a trophy Walleye or monster Pike. The north end of the lake is dotted with several islands, lots of bays and creeks providing a great fish habitat. The southern part of the lake winds around with more islands and is the deepest part of the lake. Here you will find more Lake Trout and lots of Walleye and Pike. To the far west end of the lake, there is another beautiful waterfall called Chavel Falls that enters the lake. This scenic cascading fall is a magnet for fish. Please see our 7 remote walk-in lakes for more fishing options.

The Falls
Huge Lake Trout Catch
Pike Catch Still in the Water
30 inch walleye

Fishing Tackle

Tackle Recommendations

Fishing Lures

Walleye Fishing

  • 1/8 – 1/4 oz. lead head jigs –colors (plain, pink, chartreuse) – quantity 50
  • 3” power grubs- colors (white, chartreuse) – quantity 25

Northern Pike Fishing

  • Spinner baits – colors (white, chartreuse)
  • ¾ oz. five of diamonds spoons
  • ¾ oz. daredevil spoons
  • 2-3 deep trolling baits (dive 15-20 ft.) example: shad raps, wally divers, silver redeye spoons, countdown baits
  • 5-6” gaylen twister tails (white)
  • buzz baits – top water
  • zara spooks – top water

Trout Fishing

  • 3/8 oz lead head jigs- colors (pink and white)
  • 1 oz. white hair jigs
  • 3” salty tube baits- (white)
  • Also a #1 or #2 barrel swivel is needed

Fly Fishing For Pike

  • White streamers – 3-4”
  • Pikey Bombers
  • Yellow/Red streamers – 3-4”

Rods and Reels (Spin or Comparable Bait Casting Outfits)

Walleye and Lake Trout Fishing

  • 5 ½ – 6 ½ ft rods, light to medium action
  • 6-8 lb test line with 125-200 yards capacity

Pike Fishing

  • 6-7 ft rods, medium to heavy action.
  • 12-20 lb. test line with 125-200 yards capacity

Fly Fishing

  • 8-9 wt. Rods and fly line. Floating fly lines and sinking lines.
  • 6-7 ft. leaders and a 20-30 lb. shock tippet or wire leader.

Special Reminder

Please remember to go barbless or bend your barbs down, especially on your treble hooks.

Fishing Photo Gallery