Active Rowdy Lake fans
Joe Gray

Wendel, Merv & Jennifer,

My thanks to you folks for the most memorable trips in my life! Wendel, you have upgraded the Rowdy Lake facilities and equipment and the facilities rank near the top as the best of the best.

Before I found Rowdy, I made a few dozen trips to camps across Canada so I knew what to look for after my first of dozens of trips to Rowdy.

Wendel, you have the two best people, Merv & Jennifer, to take excellent care of your guests. Merv quietly takes care of the equipment and serves as your guide if you want help. He also cleans and cooks the fish. Jennifer is an outstanding cook and baker plus she keeps the facilities clean and in good order.

Over the years we have rewarded a few hundred of our outstanding employees from the Gray Company and the Vektek Company who participated in these trips. The only complaint we ever heard was that the trip was too short!

The Vektek company is no longer a Gray company, but I think they will find it beneficial to continue the relationship with Rowdy, while I am confident that the Gray Company will continue to be active Rowdy Lake fans.

Jennifer, I feel sure you have heard the saying that the 3rd one is the charm! Well, when I received your lemon meringue pie, I shared it with friends who now have heard about you. Thank you & Merv for your outstanding services and loving care. The Gray folks who visited Rowdy this year are true believers. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all you do.

Trophy caliber northern pike and walleye
Tom Wagner

Tom Wagner with Joyce Lake PikeMy first experience with Crow Rock Camp and the Dafcik family was in 1985 when I took my son on his first Canada fishing trip. The two of us continued to go to Crow Rock and then the Rowdy Lake Outpost Camp, when the Dafciks purchased it, for 15 years. Since then I have visited Rowdy Lake Camp for 20 more years. June of 2023 will be my 36th year with the Dafciks.

Tom Walleye CatchThere has been many changes through the years but what has remained constant is the honest, friendly, welcoming and caring attitude from all the Dafciks. They have always gone out of their way to provide the best conditions for a fantastic experience. The friendly staff always has the best interest of their guests as their number one goal.

Accommodations are great, food is always top notch and the fishing is fantastic. Every single visit has produced trophy caliber northern pike and walleye. It is very common for each angler to catch 75 to 100 fish per day.

I know of no other place besides Rowdy Lake Camp where you are the only camp on 6 available lakes with boats and motors and you will see no other people during your stay.

Rowdy Lake Camp has truly been a dream come true in my life.

Absolutely amazing trip this year!
Ben Pesek

Ben Bass CatchJen and Merv were fantastic as usual, with the fishing even better than years’ past. Safe to say you have some long term repeat customers. I’ve attached a couple of photos from the trip. We probably should have had that pike horizontally to really show its length, but nonetheless that is Andy Lindstrom’s 44” lunker caught speed trolling with an orange jointed Rapala off the point just east of your cabin. Seemed like the areas surrounding your cabin to the east and the weed beds to the southwest (through that narrow section) yielded larger to medium pike consistently. The other is the 18” smallmouth snatched out of the outlet lake falls. All around a truly fantastic trip. While we always remove the barbs on anything we’re putting out there, the fishing is so good that we were also exchanging the treble hooks on most crankbaits with 2/0-3/0 single hooks. Really says a lot about the fishery up there and as well we’re also doing our part to be good conservators of this sustainable fishing by minimally disrupting the fish upon hook removal.

On behalf of the Pesek clan, thank you again for providing great customer service and legendary fisheries. I’ll have a couple of these photos printed and will send to your PO box up there from the states. Or even better, may just have this printed and will bring them with next year!

Take care and thank you again.

I’ll never go anyplace else.
Mike Dillon

Our group of college friends has been fishing Canadian waters together for nearly 40 years. Twenty plus years ago we found the greatest northern fishing experience there is at Rowdy Lake, the remote outpost camp of the GREAT team at Crow Rock Lodge. Since that first trip, we’ve never gone anyplace else. Trophy-sized catches are common among multiple species including Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Small Mouth Bass. The remote outpost camp gives you access to multiple, seldom-fished lakes, while the great guide and cook team make it simple to focus all your energy on fishing and fun. I’ll never go anyplace else. Try it once and neither will you.

The location was BEAUTIFUL
Mike Okel

Wendel, wanted to drop you a quick note on our recent trip to Rowdy Lake.

We truly enjoyed every moment of our trip.

First and foremost our host Merv and Jennifer are top notch!

They were friendly helpfully but not over bearing. They paid close attention to our likes and worked towards those.

Merv even preformed hook removal for my buddy.

They are A+ people.

Second the location was BEAUTIFUL.

The three lakes we fished (Babe, Joyce & Rowdy) was some great fishing.

Your accommodations are very nice. We got the remote without the loss of comforts. Add to the great fishing, fantastic scenery and great host.

We could not ask for anything more.

I am one to do different trips just because there is so many great places to see and fish. I am sure that Rowdy Lake will be one I make exception for. Not sure it will be next year, but I will come again.

I have enclosed a few pics of fish we caught. Mainly the large Lake Trout.